The Challenge of Four-Status Model of eLearning: Principles Toward a New Understanding for Healthcare Professionals

In many industries, a growing need for distance education exists. This is especially true in the healthcare industry where new knowledge is essential to enhance patient care.  Professional requirements also require hospital staff to learn new information.  In this article, Turnbull, Wills, and Gobbi (2011) talk about eLearning in a nursing program in Thailand and how they faced challenges due to several factors.  They mention that one needs to critically consider the factors of infrastructure, finance, policies, and culture (IF-PC) when deciding to pursue eLearning as a source of teaching, since there are many drivers and barriers to eLearning.

Gobbit et. al (2001) conducted a mixed method study consisting of interviews, questionnaires, and surveys.  The study examined the eLearning program at this nursing college in Thailand and came up with several findings.  Benefits of eLearning can be great due to the access of new knowledge, allowing hospital staff to enhance patient care.  However, technological barriers prevent many from being able to utilize such resources.  For example, many of the staff members were unable to access computers, while others had slow Internet connections. According to the author, the success of an eLearning program can be strongly influenced by the four domains mentioned in the article (infrastructure, finance, policies, and culture).


Turnbull, N., Willis, G.B., & Gobbi, M.O. (2010).  The challenge to the four-status e-learning model for healthcare professionals: a critique on a developing world case study.  Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, November 15-17, 2010, Madrid, Spain.


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