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I wrapped up the second section of the Fiserv training manual by conducting a follow-up interview and getting the missing info.   I have one more follow-up call to do and it should be ready for final QA by the SMEs.  Reaching some of the SMEs is sometimes difficult because they won’t respond to your email.   Rarely do they respond after the initial request.  It usually takes multiple emails before they reply back, even when upper management is cc’d on the email.

Another project I am working on today is creating a slideshow to be inserted in Storyline.  The client that I’ve worked for had a short storyboard and wanted me to create a slideshow with a quick turnaround.  They wanted it done by Monday.  However, I have not received the VO files (it’s Sunday today) yet so it might be COB Monday if I get the files in time.  All the assets and title animations have been done so far.