How to create a stylish divider in Articulate Storyline

dividerYou can create styling dividers without the user of Photoshop, which is what I used to do.  Now, I realized that you can create the same effect inside Storyline.

First, you want to create a thin rectangle (solid fill, no outlines).  Then in the format section use the following settings.

1) Gradient fill 2)Type:Radial 3) Direction: center (see red outline)
The stop position is at 0%, and the color is what the main color is going to be.
Stop 2 should be a blend of the color that your background color will be. Or you can just keep it as the main color. I set the transparency to about 7%.
Stop 3 is where you want to make the transparency to be 100%. This is the part that will give the line a tapered look.

You finished line should look like the line I have at the top of this post.

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