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This week: Sycning/QA and cleaning up a training module

This week was primarily spent on syncing a module in Presenter for a client in the industrial sector.  The VO was already created along with animations.  This made it easier to finish the project.  The longest part of this project was the QA aspect.  The client requested that I go through a defined checklist and ensure nothing funny is happening.  Throughout the module, there were several edits that were caught after the initial QA.  I consider the QA part as proofreading and editing a paper.  It’s as though the more you QA and re-QA, you catch some mistakes that weren’t caught before.

The tricky part about Articulate is that after an edit was made, you re-publish.  However, you need to re-check all the other slides in case there were some publishing errors.  This is the part that takes some time.  I’ve had instances in the past where I re-publish a module and find new errors that Articulate had created (such as random rectangles appearing on the slide).

The module was then uploaded to, a free eLearning testing site.  You can upload a eLearning package either in SCORM or IACC.  This is a free site and I this has come in handy for one particular client.

Another part of the week was spent on creating some introduction sections of a large training manual that was created (160+ pages, granted many are screenshots/images).

I believe I spoke with about 3 different companies that might be interested in working with me.