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More layout builds for a client.  They wanted a very engaging refresher course so I’ve been spending time making it so.   The actual text/script has not been completed on their end so I am placing dummy text for now.  The deadline is pretty quick so I’m speeding up the process by creating layouts in advance.  The theme is the user enters a book store and reads through the books in the bookshelf.  Each book is its own topic.

Getting ready to launch

I’ve spent majority of this week seeking out reputable bloggers in eLearning to see if they are interested in being an affiliate to  I’ve also sought out Captivate gurus and Lectora experts who are willing to replicate the templates that I build for Storyline.  Although I can do them myself, I would rather have somebody else do them while I create more new templates.

I’ve also spent a large chunk of time editing modules in Articulate Presenter for a client involved in the mining/steel industry.  A big chunk of time was spent QAing the modules.


I met up with a potential client yesterday in Torrance.  I had to give myself close to an hour and a half to get there (which isn’t too bad).  I met the director at a nearby coffee shop and there I answered multiple questions related to this project that they are launching.  Some were familiar HR interview questions.  I would love to help this organization since it is a pretty reputable one.  They are looking for someone who can assist them in creating an eLearning program.  I felt the meeting I had with the director went pretty well.  We shall see.




I wrapped up the second section of the Fiserv training manual by conducting a follow-up interview and getting the missing info.   I have one more follow-up call to do and it should be ready for final QA by the SMEs.  Reaching some of the SMEs is sometimes difficult because they won’t respond to your email.   Rarely do they respond after the initial request.  It usually takes multiple emails before they reply back, even when upper management is cc’d on the email.

Another project I am working on today is creating a slideshow to be inserted in Storyline.  The client that I’ve worked for had a short storyboard and wanted me to create a slideshow with a quick turnaround.  They wanted it done by Monday.  However, I have not received the VO files (it’s Sunday today) yet so it might be COB Monday if I get the files in time.  All the assets and title animations have been done so far.

9/22/14 Convert eLearning to DVD and more SME interview

I received a small project for a client who wanted an eLearning module to be converted to a DVD.  This is a simple project.  The process is to use a recording software (I’m using Camtasia) to record all the topics.  Then, I will remove the borders/player through cropping  and then I will remove the silences in between the slides since I need to manually click next.  This is my second time recording because the first time I recorded I used the headphones so I don’t hear the VO, but the audio quality was pretty low.

There are fade transitions on each slide.  I ideally the transitions should be removed.  However, that will require edits for each slide.  This will be time consuming.  I don’t think the client wants to spend that much on this small project due to his budget.