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The biggest benefit of Lectora (for me, anyways)

This week I’ve been thinking about purchasing Lectora Publisher.  Recently, I posted a comment LectoraV11Publisherin LinkedIn asking people if Lectora is going extinct.  I got a few replies and it looks like people are still utilizing it for their clients.  Also, checking Lectora’s main site shows they have a pretty up-to-date, flat-designed website (another small sign that they are still active).

Although I don’t need the Inspire version with Camtasia, SnagIt, and Flypaper (I already have Camtasia and SnagIt), I do think developing my skills as a Lectora developer can equip me to land some occasional projects where Lectora is needed.  I’ve personally been asked maybe once a year about Lectora.  Most of the time, I am asked about Storyline, Captivate, and Presenter.  I also don’t think Flypaper will be very helpful since it produces a flash output.  In those cases, I can just animate something in Flash and import it in.

I think the biggest benefit of Lectora is the fact that everything in published as a web page and the text is not an image, but actually text that you can highlight.  Also, I’m pretty confident that this output will be more stable than the rest.  Sometimes, the buttons in Storyline won’t function properly, or will not work until we refresh the module.  However, I’m thinking there will be less of that when the module acts as an webpage where the images/buttons are actual web links.

If no projects are resumed or if new projects haven’t been picked up, I might purchase it.  Maybe I’ll ask if there are any promotions going on.  The idea of investing in a program that won’t produce a return for a while (in my opinion) is not very tempting.  But, I might do it anyways to build my ID skills.

To recap, the biggest benefit of Lectora for me is the stability and the potential to be more 508 compliant than the rest.