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Articulate studio 13: when files won’t open

There are times when clients would send over an articulate file for me to edit and publish.  However, in some instances, the articulate quizmaker files won’t open and the course won’t publish at all (it’ll start to publish and just crash).

Recently, I did a factory reboot on one of my computers.  I then installed an older version of Studio 13 (it just happened to be in my hard drive).  At the office, I had the most recent version.  I transferred the files from the office computer to my home computer and that same error occurred where I couldn’t open the quizmaker file.  The error message said I might have worked on it from an older version.  After I updated Studio on my home computer, it worked fine.  This could be the culprit.  Files might not open when running different update versions for studio 13.


It’s been a while since I lasted wrote something.  These days I’ve been busy building a module for a large tech company.  They wanted a refresher module that is highly engaging.  With that, I decided to incorporate animations using After Effects.  The deadline is going to be somewhat tight due to the request of wanting more video animations for many of the topics.  I also switched over to Storyline 2 since they wanted all contractors to switch as well.

I noticed my first bug with SL2 when I inserted FLV videos with transparency.  It turns out SL2 does not support FLVs with alpha.  I had to insert it in SL1 and import the slide ins SL2.  Hopefully there aren’t more bug with this software.  I personally think SL1 has a easier to user UI than the flat look that Storyline uses to make it look like a Microsoft product.  SL2 is becoming more and more sophisticated in its features, which is good.

In late November, I will be starting a different project with a different company in Irvine.  Looking forward to this new project.

Articulate: Knowledge check wouldn’t open

This one was a scary one.  I upgraded to office 2014 today.  Right after I did that articulate wouldn’t open.  So I reverted it back to Office 2010.  However, it no longer opened  quizmaker within Powerpoint.  The scary part was that it wouldn’t even insert a quiz which meant I couldn’t create modules with quizzes.  This would’ve been a serious problem when working with clients.  I spent several hours trying to troubleshoot from the links given in Articulate (clean registry, delete project.log, uninstall, etc.).  I even reinstalled Office with no luck.  Thankfully, it occurred to me that I could try a system restore.  Thank God it worked.  I did not want to wipe my computer and do an entire clean install.  Whewww.  Close one.


Edits wont update in Presenter

Another random bug in articulate presenter 13.  A text edit was made to a slide.  When I went yo publish, the changes weren’t there.  This happened several times.  When I closed Powerpoint and restarted, it worked.  My experience is that the more I publish, the more chances of bugs appearing.  I write this so I remember to double check for such errors when I publish.

Articulate Presenter 13 Publish Errors: Random gradient images

According to Articulate, the latest update for Presenter 13 was supposed to have resolved these random gradient backgrounds that appear on several slides during publish.  I mistakenly thought that the problem was solved and didn’t bother to check this.  Thankfully, republishing the project did the trick.  However, going forward, I will need to QA to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The tricky part about Articulate is that once a project has been re-published, it needs to be re-QA’d entirely to make sure nothing funny has happened during publishing process.  gradient

Another Articulate error that was found was that some text would overlap during publish (like below).  The forums in Articulate mention that the PPT file could be corrupt.  However, it is safer to turn this object into an image and re-publish.