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Today is Friday.  I’ve been spending much of this week editing a few projects in Articulate and Captivate.  I also spent some time interviewing for a potential project that didn’t work out (at the last minute, they wanted me to travel out of state).

I have also spent quite some time building templates for  I’m in the process of finding affiliate for those who want to assist with the template building.

10/9/14 New Contract

UPDATE: This contract is a no-go.  At the last minute they mentioned that I needed to fly out of state occasional meetings.  Had I known that before, it would’ve save much time for all parties.

After having conversations with several directors and even the associate dean (at different times), I finally will start a project with a very reputable university in Los Angeles.  This schools will be launching a business related eLearning program.  My role will vary depending on what gaps need to be filled in helping them achieve this goal.  At this time, they are partnering up with a large distance education company who will provide majority of the support for logistics, paperwork, compliance, marketing, and even development.  Since I do not know how much development experience this partnering company has, it is difficult to tell what aspect of instructional design I will be helping out with.


Majority of my labor was spent building a relatively short module in Captivate.  The client provided a raw powerpoint and wanted it to be built with quizzes and with better design.  I already built the template for this organization so it was a matter of just building the slides.  The slides that took the longest were the process diagrams.  Figuring out how to arrange the diagrams and fill screen space was slightly tricky.  They were not wanting a fancy, highly visual module, but something that looks decent.

Another client emailed me with requested edits in Presenter.  These will all be QA’d before sending over to the client.


I met up with a potential client yesterday in Torrance.  I had to give myself close to an hour and a half to get there (which isn’t too bad).  I met the director at a nearby coffee shop and there I answered multiple questions related to this project that they are launching.  Some were familiar HR interview questions.  I would love to help this organization since it is a pretty reputable one.  They are looking for someone who can assist them in creating an eLearning program.  I felt the meeting I had with the director went pretty well.  We shall see.



Articulate Presenter 13 Publish Errors: Random gradient images

According to Articulate, the latest update for Presenter 13 was supposed to have resolved these random gradient backgrounds that appear on several slides during publish.  I mistakenly thought that the problem was solved and didn’t bother to check this.  Thankfully, republishing the project did the trick.  However, going forward, I will need to QA to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The tricky part about Articulate is that once a project has been re-published, it needs to be re-QA’d entirely to make sure nothing funny has happened during publishing process.  gradient

Another Articulate error that was found was that some text would overlap during publish (like below).  The forums in Articulate mention that the PPT file could be corrupt.  However, it is safer to turn this object into an image and re-publish.