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More layout builds for a client.  They wanted a very engaging refresher course so I’ve been spending time making it so.   The actual text/script has not been completed on their end so I am placing dummy text for now.  The deadline is pretty quick so I’m speeding up the process by creating layouts in advance.  The theme is the user enters a book store and reads through the books in the bookshelf.  Each book is its own topic.

Captivate: Browser won’t show updates

A client sent over some edits for a module I did in Captivate.  I made the edits and uploaded it.  However, when the client viewed the link, she mentioned that the edits weren’t there.  I thought I made a mistake by uploading the wrong file, but when I rechecked the link, the edits were incorporated.  It turns out the browser did not recognize the new file when she opened it.  After viewing it in a different browser, the changes were shown…something to keep note of for future reference.


Articulate: Knowledge check wouldn’t open

This one was a scary one.  I upgraded to office 2014 today.  Right after I did that articulate wouldn’t open.  So I reverted it back to Office 2010.  However, it no longer opened  quizmaker within Powerpoint.  The scary part was that it wouldn’t even insert a quiz which meant I couldn’t create modules with quizzes.  This would’ve been a serious problem when working with clients.  I spent several hours trying to troubleshoot from the links given in Articulate (clean registry, delete project.log, uninstall, etc.).  I even reinstalled Office with no luck.  Thankfully, it occurred to me that I could try a system restore.  Thank God it worked.  I did not want to wipe my computer and do an entire clean install.  Whewww.  Close one.


Getting ready to launch

I’ve spent majority of this week seeking out reputable bloggers in eLearning to see if they are interested in being an affiliate to  I’ve also sought out Captivate gurus and Lectora experts who are willing to replicate the templates that I build for Storyline.  Although I can do them myself, I would rather have somebody else do them while I create more new templates.

I’ve also spent a large chunk of time editing modules in Articulate Presenter for a client involved in the mining/steel industry.  A big chunk of time was spent QAing the modules.

Edits wont update in Presenter

Another random bug in articulate presenter 13.  A text edit was made to a slide.  When I went yo publish, the changes weren’t there.  This happened several times.  When I closed Powerpoint and restarted, it worked.  My experience is that the more I publish, the more chances of bugs appearing.  I write this so I remember to double check for such errors when I publish.