Articulate studio 13: when files won’t open

There are times when clients would send over an articulate file for me to edit and publish.  However, in some instances, the articulate quizmaker files won’t open and the course won’t publish at all (it’ll start to publish and just crash).

Recently, I did a factory reboot on one of my computers.  I then installed an older version of Studio 13 (it just happened to be in my hard drive).  At the office, I had the most recent version.  I transferred the files from the office computer to my home computer and that same error occurred where I couldn’t open the quizmaker file.  The error message said I might have worked on it from an older version.  After I updated Studio on my home computer, it worked fine.  This could be the culprit.  Files might not open when running different update versions for studio 13.

172 thoughts on “Articulate studio 13: when files won’t open”

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