Articulate Presenter 13: Random Issues

I have been using Articulate Studio since studio 09.   Whenever a project consists of publishing large courses, I noticed Articulate will occasionally freeze or publish inaccurately.  This has happened not just on one computer, but on different computers.  This error occurs more frequently when many objects are on the slide and when there are many slides in the project.  The Articulate forums are very helpful but for this issue, I wasn’t able to find a good answer.

When I used to publish very lengthy courses  that are close to an hour long with 75+ slides, Articulate 09′ will crash during publish when it gets to a certain slide.  I remember this took a significant time especially because publishing took so long to begin with.  Unfortunately this error also occurs for Studio 13.

I have a client of mine who sends me the Articulate package to fix because for some reason, his projects faces various publishing errors even when the courses are short.  Solutions will vary and it’s solved through trial and error.   There was an Articulate package I received when the client mentioned that the quizzes will not publish properly in the project.  We actually weren’t able to find a solution and ended up recreating the knowledge check.

There was a period when one computer wouldn’t open an articulate file no matter how many times I reinstalled it.  Unfortunately, I don’t recall what I did to fix it (I should’ve blogged about it, bummer!).

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