Articulate: Knowledge check wouldn’t open

This one was a scary one.  I upgraded to office 2014 today.  Right after I did that articulate wouldn’t open.  So I reverted it back to Office 2010.  However, it no longer opened  quizmaker within Powerpoint.  The scary part was that it wouldn’t even insert a quiz which meant I couldn’t create modules with quizzes.  This would’ve been a serious problem when working with clients.  I spent several hours trying to troubleshoot from the links given in Articulate (clean registry, delete project.log, uninstall, etc.).  I even reinstalled Office with no luck.  Thankfully, it occurred to me that I could try a system restore.  Thank God it worked.  I did not want to wipe my computer and do an entire clean install.  Whewww.  Close one.


51 thoughts on “Articulate: Knowledge check wouldn’t open”

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