9/8/14 Monday

This week will be spent on making additional edits for a large contractor for the navy.  The module was created in Articulate 2013 (was built using ’09, but transitioned to ’13).  Primary edits are text changes, narration fixes, and animations.

Also, this week will be spent on editing a training manual in Fiserv for a mortgage company.  All the SMEs were interviewed and now it is a matter of making sure all the content is consistent and that we have a good intro/conclusion sections.

A separate client asked for some image editing in Photoshop for a module that I will eventually work on.  However, he mentioned he can have edits done through fiver.com for $5 (for three image edits).  I mentioned that he is far better off going with them if they are only charging that amount.  Hopefully their quality is good.

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