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Articulate Presenter: more random bugs

A client wanted the navigation to to be set where the user goes to a retry slide (hidden) if the user fails a quiz.  However, sometimes the the user would not be taken back to the retry slide.  Instead, it would restart the quiz.  I know this is a bug because it only happens randomly for the same published file.

Science Related Job Description

• Works with Curriculum Manager to coordinate vision and best practices for repurposing of existing content and new content development.
• Works with subject matter experts to design and review new coursework.
• Develops and/or reviews all course content to ensure that educational requirements are met.
• Works to document best pedagogical practices for course use in classroom environments and online forums.
• Acts as lead content editor for discipline specific projects.
• Reviews and prepares storyboards, content writing, and assessment.
• Confers with authors and editors regarding background information, objectives, audience level and style.
• Establishes and maintains an appropriate instructional tone in all course materials.
• Applies instructional design methodology.
• Recruits and trains subject matter experts, authors and editors to incorporate their expertise into course development.
• Delivers and evaluates writer training and makes necessary adjustments to meet the training delivery needs.
• Designs and develops performance measures to determine the success of writer training.
• Serves as an escalation path and point of contact for content writer issue management, and creates positive outcomes from content writing and course design challenges.
• Manages against multiple competing priorities and deadlines ensuring all targets are met.
• Anticipates and responds appropriately to risks and changes in project scope.
• Proactively informs internal project teams of project and milestone status for content writing.
• Manages multimedia content, taking responsibility for evaluating, editing and assuring the quality of materials.
• Works with content and media creators to ensure that material and delivery incorporates multiple learning styles and is appropriate to the target audience.
• Advises on future projects, including design strategies and use of technology/interactive media.
• Utilizes content development tools as well as support software to develop instructional content.

• Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) from four year college or university in Science required, advanced degree strongly preferred.
• A minimum of 2 years teaching and curriculum design experience required.
• Experience with digital curriculum highly preferred.
• Ability to learn new processes quickly.
• Nimbleness in adjusting to changing demands.
• Ability to work with limited supervision.
• Excellent writing and editing skills are a necessity.
• Ability to pass a pre-employment background check.
• Ability to pass a Social Security Administration E-Verify check for U.S. work authorization.


Today is Friday.  I’ve been spending much of this week editing a few projects in Articulate and Captivate.  I also spent some time interviewing for a potential project that didn’t work out (at the last minute, they wanted me to travel out of state).

I have also spent quite some time building templates for  I’m in the process of finding affiliate for those who want to assist with the template building.

10/9/14 New Contract

UPDATE: This contract is a no-go.  At the last minute they mentioned that I needed to fly out of state occasional meetings.  Had I known that before, it would’ve save much time for all parties.

After having conversations with several directors and even the associate dean (at different times), I finally will start a project with a very reputable university in Los Angeles.  This schools will be launching a business related eLearning program.  My role will vary depending on what gaps need to be filled in helping them achieve this goal.  At this time, they are partnering up with a large distance education company who will provide majority of the support for logistics, paperwork, compliance, marketing, and even development.  Since I do not know how much development experience this partnering company has, it is difficult to tell what aspect of instructional design I will be helping out with.


Majority of my labor was spent building a relatively short module in Captivate.  The client provided a raw powerpoint and wanted it to be built with quizzes and with better design.  I already built the template for this organization so it was a matter of just building the slides.  The slides that took the longest were the process diagrams.  Figuring out how to arrange the diagrams and fill screen space was slightly tricky.  They were not wanting a fancy, highly visual module, but something that looks decent.

Another client emailed me with requested edits in Presenter.  These will all be QA’d before sending over to the client.