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eLearning Brothers

Many companies who implement eLearning in their organization has heard about  It is likely that they probably have used their service (either buying templates or obtaining custom development).  They provide all kinds of templates for pretty much all of the authoring tools out today.   A couple days ago, I checked their site to see if there were any eLearning-Brothers-The-Only-Place-for-Captivate-8-Templates-and-Learningaffiliate marketing programs (where you post their ads and you receive a percentage of membership sign-ups).  I signed up the the affiliate program and asked if there were any banners that I can use.

To my surprise, I received a call from Andrew, one of the founders of the company.  I thought the call was about how to put the banner ads on my site, but it was about how he liked my work at he wanted to touch base to see any potential opportunities.  Of course, since I’m a contractor, I am open to new opportunities almost always.  It’s nice to receive positive feedback for the work I do.  Then again, who doesn’t?

We’ll see if things work out.

How to create professional looking infographics in minutes

Although instructional designers don’t usually create infographics as a standalone deliverable, it is a definitely a benefit to know how to create one.  Before, creating infographics took incredible graphic design skills.  But now, you can create one with little to no design knowledge by using a site called  This site has very professional looking templates that you can use to modify.  Every template is very professional looking and easily editable.  All you basically need to do is change the text and swap out the images/icons, and you pretty much done.  Below is one that I created with little effort.  This took about 30 minutes or so, but majority of that was spent on thinking about what text to put.jay_chun_infographic

Creating Inforgraphics easily with

Creating infographics can be time consuming if starting from scratch.  Thankfully, there are resources out there that allows you to create professional looking infographics quickly.  For example, this site: provides you various templates to choose and edit from.   Instructional designers don’t usually create illustrations that are more vertical, however, this can easily be cropped to fit into more horizontal-sized slides.  This can also come in handy when creating job aids.


9/22/14 Slow day

Today is a day after Labor day.  Many of my projects have ended.  Some were set to resume this week.  However, I haven’t heard anything from them.  I will be spending time today building another template for