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This week: Sycning/QA and cleaning up a training module

This week was primarily spent on syncing a module in Presenter for a client in the industrial sector.  The VO was already created along with animations.  This made it easier to finish the project.  The longest part of this project was the QA aspect.  The client requested that I go through a defined checklist and ensure nothing funny is happening.  Throughout the module, there were several edits that were caught after the initial QA.  I consider the QA part as proofreading and editing a paper.  It’s as though the more you QA and re-QA, you catch some mistakes that weren’t caught before.

The tricky part about Articulate is that after an edit was made, you re-publish.  However, you need to re-check all the other slides in case there were some publishing errors.  This is the part that takes some time.  I’ve had instances in the past where I re-publish a module and find new errors that Articulate had created (such as random rectangles appearing on the slide).

The module was then uploaded to, a free eLearning testing site.  You can upload a eLearning package either in SCORM or IACC.  This is a free site and I this has come in handy for one particular client.

Another part of the week was spent on creating some introduction sections of a large training manual that was created (160+ pages, granted many are screenshots/images).

I believe I spoke with about 3 different companies that might be interested in working with me.

9/15/14 Training Manual

Today was spent on adding some introduction and navigation instructions for a training manual that is almost wrapped up.   The entire document is almost done and now needs some additional I out from SMEs.  Getting hold of SMEs is probably the tricky part.  You need to work off of their availability.

I also had a prospective client/contract opportunity call me from Seattle.  This company asked me some questions that I was actually stumped on.  One of the questions were what kinds of games I play.  I told them I don’t really play games.  However, I told them I day trade for fun, which, to me is like a game with monetary rewards.   However, I don’t see how that answer would’ve helped me in putting myself ahead of other IDs.  We’ll see.



How to create a stylish divider in Articulate Storyline

dividerYou can create styling dividers without the user of Photoshop, which is what I used to do.  Now, I realized that you can create the same effect inside Storyline.

First, you want to create a thin rectangle (solid fill, no outlines).  Then in the format section use the following settings.


1) Gradient fill 2)Type:Radial 3) Direction: center (see red outline)


The stop position is at 0%, and the color is what the main color is going to be.


Stop 2 should be a blend of the color that your background color will be. Or you can just keep it as the main color. I set the transparency to about 7%.


Stop 3 is where you want to make the transparency to be 100%. This is the part that will give the line a tapered look.

You finished line should look like the line I have at the top of this post.

9/11/14 Edits to existing modules

There was a project that had 10 modules for an environmental course.  The client sent over detailed edits and revisions to the course.  That was completed recently.  However, the client had additional edits and text changes after further review.  I asked the client if I should fully QA the module before sending it.  They said they would do that.  The QA process takes a significant chunk of time to do.


These images were not resized.

One of the edits that was requested was that the notes section had different font sizes (see below).  I’ve try to search in the Articulate Studio forums and it seems like other people are having the same issue.  The forums suggested that the recent update would solve it.  However, it did not do it for me.  I had to inform the client that there was no fix to this.     notes2

9/8/14 Monday

This week will be spent on making additional edits for a large contractor for the navy.  The module was created in Articulate 2013 (was built using ’09, but transitioned to ’13).  Primary edits are text changes, narration fixes, and animations.

Also, this week will be spent on editing a training manual in Fiserv for a mortgage company.  All the SMEs were interviewed and now it is a matter of making sure all the content is consistent and that we have a good intro/conclusion sections.

A separate client asked for some image editing in Photoshop for a module that I will eventually work on.  However, he mentioned he can have edits done through for $5 (for three image edits).  I mentioned that he is far better off going with them if they are only charging that amount.  Hopefully their quality is good.