Text comparing tool

Recently a client sent over content for me to convert into  an eLearning module in Ariculate Storyline.  By the time I was almost done with the project, the client sent over an updated version of the content with content changes.  In order to ensure that I didn’t miss any of the revisions, I used a online text comparison tool from http://text-compare.com/.  This tool was much better than the options from Microsoft Word (for me at least).

10-23-2015 3-48-52 PMThis tool allowed me to find out exactly which text was different from the original text.  Very simple to use.  Thankfully, the new version I received didn’t have too many changes.  Definitely a good resource to have.


Where to get cheap stock images

The most popular and widely recognized stock image site is iStock.com.  However, this is by far the priciest one of all.  There are other sites are Thinkstock.com and Shutterstock.com.  Those sites are a little cheaper, but not by much.   The cheapest site would have to be 123rf.com.  I don’t remember where I found this site, but it is a bargain.

Here’s a great example of why I use 123rf.com.  Below is an image that I used for a project.   Shutterstock’s pricing says 2 downloads for $29.  That means this image would’ve essentially cost about $15 (half of the $29).

7-22-2015 9-29-17 AM

But for the same image, if you go to 123rf.com (below), you can download a decent size image for $3.  Most of the time, you only need the medium sized option since eLearning players relatively small and the images/graphics typically do not cover the entire page/slide.

7-22-2015 9-29-29 AM

By far, 123rf.com has been the best resource in finding cheap, but quality images.

Articulate Quizmaker: issue when duplicating quiz questions (solved)

When creating knowledge checks, sometimes, it can be easier to just duplicate questions and edit the question text when you have a custom layout (and when you don’t have time to create a master layout).  However, during preview, the question text will often “jump” around during the hover over state.

Solution: In the question  view (not slide view), cut the question text and move it down to a blank question row.  Do this for all the question text, and then move the newly-pasted questions to the top by right-clicking and choosing the “move up” option.


Articulate studio 13: when files won’t open

There are times when clients would send over an articulate file for me to edit and publish.  However, in some instances, the articulate quizmaker files won’t open and the course won’t publish at all (it’ll start to publish and just crash).

Recently, I did a factory reboot on one of my computers.  I then installed an older version of Studio 13 (it just happened to be in my hard drive).  At the office, I had the most recent version.  I transferred the files from the office computer to my home computer and that same error occurred where I couldn’t open the quizmaker file.  The error message said I might have worked on it from an older version.  After I updated Studio on my home computer, it worked fine.  This could be the culprit.  Files might not open when running different update versions for studio 13.